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You Are Not Alone!

Listen, if you’re building or running a small business, you know how overwhelming or even how stressful the journey can be.

In Fact, Businesses Are Prone To Fail!

Entrepreneurship has become a very popular path, especially since the pandemic.
However, as people rush to start their own business, they soon find themselves running an inefficient and undeveloped business model that will likely fail. In fact, statistics show that ONLY 50% of businesses will be able to run for at least 2 years successfully. And ONLY 4% will be successfully running it for at least 10 years.

That means you only have a 1 out of 25 chance of actually building an efficient and effective company that will thrive and be sustainable over the long term.

What Makes Matter Worse is that...

Thanks to the pandemic, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in: your competitors have multiplied by tenfold! And the truth is… It’s only going to continue getting harder to compete as time goes on.

Trying to teach yourself what’s working in today’s business environment is a perilous path fraught with pitfalls because…

International Author of:

- Unlock the Best You
- Might Insight and
- A Choice in Chaos.

Meet The Entrepreneurial Mastermind

Behind Today’s Game-Changing Business Strategies

I’m Moustafa Kadous, CEO of Skilled Now (among a handful of other business ventures), personal and business coach, author, and lifelong dreamer.
I’ve always had a passion for turning insurmountable obstacles into my greatest learning moments.
For the past 27 years, I’ve been navigating the business world using my own signature blend of keen industry insights and unshakable mindset hacks.
Although my journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing, the methods I apply have allowed me to achieve more than was ever deemed possible for someone with my background. In addition, they have helped me pave my own path to success and inspire others to do the same.
Now, I’ve boiled down my greatest insights and combined them with Skilled Now's internationally recognized Small Business Owner certification program to create an Online Live Masterclass that is designed to empower tomorrow’s business leaders with the truly groundbreaking and never-before-shared building blocks of my own success.
It’s everything they should have taught you in business school but didn’t.

Now you can learn everything I know, without learning the complicated (and expensive) way, trying and failing, and then trying again.

My innovative approach to successfully managing and scaling a small business takes you beyond the traditional business school theories of success and into the mindset of an industry-leading entrepreneur, leaving you with a comprehensive strategy for tackling the challenges of our current business environment like a boss.

In This Live and Online Masterclass, You’ll Discover…

Breakthrough Your Business Barriers

See How And Why
Skilled Now Clients and Partners are Making Waves…

This Small Business Owner program is comprehensive, effective, and attractively presented. It clearly meets the CMI requirement and earns the status of a CMI Recognised Program.
Jane Fallon
Lead Mapper, Chartered Management Institute
The practical, job-focused approach to training of Skilled Now compliments the technical education our college provides its learners. This means they will be better prepared for success in a competitive marketplace and in securing meaningful and sustainable employment. We believe that Skilled Now will really add value to our related portfolio of courses and programmers, helping our learners continue to secure positive future destinations.
Dawn Ward
CEO and Principal, Burton and South Derbyshire College
The interactivity, ease of use and excellent content that Skilled Now teaches will enable learners from a variety of backgrounds to enhance their career skills and ambitions, which makes this masterclass attractive to professionals and employers alike.
Stella Mbubaegbus
CEO & Principal, Highbury College
Skilled Now is to be commended for the interactive and engaging delivery methodologies. The range of learning methods, questions, exercises, role plays, and practical exercises meets the needs of different types of learners, ensuring a very engaging experience for all. Program activities are designed for the learners to apply and practice the concepts and skills along the way facilitating maximum embedding of the learning for individuals.
Frances McCabe
Head of Education, Institute of Sales Management

Learn Comprehensive Business Strategies

To Maximize Your Success Against Any & All Odds

Starting a small business does NOT have to mean starting from scratch. In just 7 transformative modules, you can go from feeling lost in the entrepreneurial sea. To fearlessly charting your own path towards business success. Here’s how:

Business & Financial Planning

Dive deep into what really makes a successful business with an all-encompassing guide to creating a profitable business plan and funding your new venture the smart way.

Marketing For Owners

You don’t have to be a marketing wizard to understand how the right messaging can make or break your business. We break down the must-know marketing strategies for managers and CEOs alike.

Seamless Operations

Turn daily management tasks into a well-oiled profitability machine and learn how to use strategic operating procedures to effortlessly boost your bottom line and keep your team thriving.

Sell Like A Pro

You know how valuable your product is. Now, we’ll show you how to reach your target audience and approach the sales process like a seasoned professional, allowing you to scale your business fast.

Lead With Confidence

Managing your workforce comes down to one thing: inspiring leadership. Learn how to construct a viable workplace framework and connect with your team in a way that reduces turnover and enhances productivity.

Five Star Service

No matter what you’re offering, your success hinges on your ability to provide outstanding customer service to the people paying your bills. We’ll show you how to develop a rave-worthy customer service strategy and implement it with ease.

Interpersonal Excellence

How do you make sure that your words are not only kind but also effective? This comprehensive guide will teach you the skills needed for connecting, assessing, and addressing tricky issues with compassion.

Here’s The Schedule…

We’ll meet online via Zoom 3 days a week… On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday For the entire month of January. (January 6th - January 29th) That’s a total of 12 sessions. And each session is 3 HOURS!

That’s 36 HOURS of Coaching and Teaching Across 7 Essential Modules

that cover how to start, manage, and grow your business

The Most Effective tools

to multiply your impact efficiently and bring powerful shifts for your business

No More Guesswork

and wasting thousands of dollars on failed attempts

Community of Professional

to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and form life-long partnerships

Continuous Customer support

to guide and assist you throughout the entire experience.

Read on to see everything you get, including 2 bonuses, with your purchase!

But Hurry!!!

This Annual Event has limited Seats – and we start PROMPTLY on the 6th of January 2022. If you are late, you will NOT be able to participate until next year!

Exclusive FREE Bonus Included #1:

DISC Assessment

This assessment will give you insights into your leadership style that you can’t get anywhere else.
Easily identify and understand your own style, recognize and cognitively adapt to different styles, and develop a process to communicate more effectively with others.

Value $68

You’ll be able to:

"Your DISC will show you how to access your greatest personal resources so you can scale any mountain and surmount any challenge."

– Moustafa Kadous, CEO of Skilled Now Inc.

Exclusive FREE Bonus Included #2:

Hardcover Book:
Unlock The Best You

Unlock The Best You is a unique book that hosts 365 inspirational and actionable tips to transform your life.

Each page offers you daily inspiration from wise scholars, adventurers, authors, leaders, politicians, everyday people. But, it’s more than that. Inspiration doesn’t lead to fulfilled dreams. Acting on the inspiration does. Focused action, every day, 365.

Value $17

Here’s the good news. You can tilt the odds in your favor – unlock your best you every single day just by opening this book. Start each day with an inspiration, a reflection on what it means to you, and tips to live that idea forward. Or, if that sounds like it requires too much discipline, just keep the book handy. When the going gets tough or your energy wanes, or you lose your positive edge – interrupt yourself. Pick up this book, and recharge.

It’s powerful stuff. The best part is you are taking control of your life, one day at a time.

You Get Everything
With Your Enrollment

Online & Live Masterclass  (Value $2,905)

DISC Assessment & Strategy  (Value $68)

Hardcover Book: Unlock The Best You  (Value $17)

Total Real-World Value:


But look, I’m NOT going to sell registrations for this Masterclass for $2,999.
I’m not even going to sell them for a quarter of that!

You see, I believe EVERYONE should have a chance to succeed in building their own business. And I know most budgets are small. So I’m dedicated to giving you the maximum value for the minimum price that I can possibly afford. That’s why I’m selling registrations to Skilled Now for…

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$299 - Limited Time

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Look. Let’s be honest. If you haven’t attended any of my events before, you’re probably having second-guessing this Masterclass.
Which I completely understand, especially if you’ve been burned in the past when signing up for events like this.

So, to make this a no-brainer, I’ve decided to remove any risk and give you a full 14-day money-back guarantee.

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This means that...

Because the event starts on the 6th of January, you’ll have until the 20th of January to decide if the Masterclass is worth the price. If not, just send us an email to support@skillednow.com., and we’ll send you a full refund right away! What do you think?

Listen, if you’re fully convinced but still on the fence due to financial reasons, I want to make things even easier for you.

To help you cover this investment, we’ve agreed on a couple of options.

3-month Split pay

Enroll immediately with partial installments.

$100/month for 3 Months

Referral Pay

Promote this event to 5 of your friends, and once they purchase the event ticket, your ticket will be completely waived.

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