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Negotiating is a basic process in human life and a fundamental part of any business. The process involves resolving differences, coming to an agreement, and meeting goals. Negotiating is complex, time-consuming, and often frustrating. Consequently, to negotiate well requires a number of different skills, which are outlined in detail in this course.
Negotiating takes many forms. Whether you are building a project or delivering support, this course will give you a basic skill level to negotiate any situation. You will learn what the traits of a successful negotiator are, how to prepare for a negotiation, how to make the right impression, and how to close a deal. This interactive course includes techniques for effective communication and provides techniques for turning conflict into problem-solving.


    • How common negotiation is and the value of good negotiation skills.
    • Various negotiation styles along with the advantages and disadvantages.
    • How to decide when to use manipulation and not persuasion.
    • Techniques for getting persuasive presentations and conversations started.
    • How to use the Five-S framework to make a persuasive presentation.
    • How to deal with tough or unfair tactics.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Introduction FREE 00:02:34
Before we begin… 00:00:00
Unit 01: Getting Acquainted with the Basics FREE 00:20:16
Unit 02: Profile of a Successful Negotiator 00:11:24
Unit 03: Understanding the Tools of Influence and Persuasion 00:11:57
Unit 04: Preparing for the Negotiation – Phase 1 00:14:03
Unit 05: Setting Up a Persuasive Presentation 00:03:12
Unit 06: Communicating with Confidence 00:07:38
Unit 07: Communicating with Purpose 00:07:35
Unit 08: Understanding the Psychology of the Brain 00:07:10
Unit 09: Taking Care of the Details 00:03:38
Unit 10: Making the Right Impression 00:05:16
Unit 11: Starting the Negotiation 00:05:13
Unit 12: Handling the Bargaining Stage 00:04:20
Unit 13: Getting to Mutual Gain 00:07:58
Unit 14: Getting Past “No” and onto “Yes” 00:06:24
Unit 15: Dealing with Negative Behaviors 00:04:58
Unit 16: Moving from Bargaining to Closing 00:03:08
Unit 17: Reaching Agreement 00:07:23
Unit 18: Putting It All Together – A Role Play 00:01:54

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