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Public speaking is still the number one universal fear. If you get nervous about participating in company meetings, you’re not alone. If you find it awkward to make conversation at business and social events, you’re not alone. Do you completely freeze when someone asks you to speak in a group without notice? Would you like more confidence when you speak in group situations?

Excellent public speakers are not born. They develop their skills through training and practice. They share two common traits: refined presentation skills and strong personal confidence. Their confidence comes from being fully prepared and knowledgeable on their topic. This course is designed to help you develop the skills that will improve your public speaking, not only in formal presentations to an audience but also in meetings and social settings.


    • Engage confidently in one-on-one conversations.
    • Speak comfortably in small groups.
    • Actively participate in meetings.
    • Establish a connection with the audience.
    • Limit stage fright and nervousness.
    • Prepare mentally for a group that may not support what you have to say.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Introduction FREE 00:02:20
Before we begin… 00:00:00
Unit 01: Start with Communication Basics FREE 00:07:08
Unit 02: Use Everyday Skills 00:09:36
Unit 03: Enjoy Everyday Conversation 00:07:56
Unit 04: Maximizing Meetings 00:10:12
Unit 05: Overcoming Nervousness 00:04:49
Unit 06: Speaking Under Pressure 00:03:39
Unit 07: Understanding Your Audience 00:07:37
Unit 08: Presenting a Professional Style 00:09:40
Unit 09: Five Points for Any Presentation 00:01:24
Unit 10: Crafting Your Key Points 00:04:18
Unit 11: It’s Time to Write a Presentation 00:05:30
Unit 12: Structuring Your Ideas 00:04:46
Unit 13: Organizing Your Ideas 00:03:44
Unit 14: Crafting Your Beginnings and Endings 00:02:14
Unit 15: Expanding Your Basic Plan 00:03:36
Unit 16: Use Your Speaking Voice 00:05:40
Unit 17: Add Some Spark to Your Presentation 00:05:28
Conclusion 00:00:38

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